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October 28, 2017 / Charlie McNabb

New Bigfoot Collection Accessions

Four new material culture artifacts have been added to the Bigfoot Collection!

On the left, a box labeled "Yeti Pot" with an image of a Neti pot and two people dressed as yetis, with big noses and big feet. On the right, a book titled "Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide" by Robert Michael Pyle. The book has the famous striding Patty image above the title.

On the left, a clipping of a "Bizarro" cartoon by Dan Piraro. Text reads "Bigfoot returns home for a family reunion." Several hairy hominids are gathered, each with a different part of the body enlarged. One of them is remarking "Well, if it isn't Mr. Famous." On the right, a bumper sticker of the classic striding Patty below a simple line drawing of trees and mountains.

My mother sent me a “Yeti Pot” that she found at her local dollar store. She also sent me a bumper sticker. My Aunt Vicki sent me a newspaper clipping of a cartoon. Finally, I purchased the new edition of Robert Michael Pyle’s classic Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide. I saw him at a reading in Corvallis and he signed it for me. This new edition has a new chapter discussing Bigfoot news over the last 20 years, as well as some witness anecdotes from Dr. Pyle himself!

As always, you can view these items and the rest of the collection in person if you are in or around Salem, Oregon.

August 10, 2017 / Charlie McNabb

New Zine Accessions

I attended the first annual Oregon City Zine Fest at the Oregon City Public Library and picked up some fantastic new zines for the Zine Collection.

Several zines of different sizes laying on a table. Read more…

July 27, 2017 / Charlie McNabb

New Zine Accessions

Last weekend I attended Portland Zine Symposium and picked up several zines to add to the Zine Collection!

Several brightly-colored zines laying on a table. Read more…

June 10, 2017 / Charlie McNabb

New Zine Accessions: All In Your Head

I recently acquired a full run of All In Your Head: Queerness, Neurodiversity, & Disability Zine, to be added to the Zine Collection.

Five grayscale zines spread out on a table.

As always, if you’re in or around Salem, OR, feel free to visit and view these and other zines in person!

May 25, 2017 / Charlie McNabb

New Zine Accessions

The Zine Collection recently acquired two new zines: Fem Rag Lit Mag Volume 1: Bless My Hairy Butt, edited by Diddle Knabb; and Dating Tips for Trans and Queer Weirdos, by Sophie Labelle.

On the left, a chapbook with a flowery cover with the title "Volume 1: Bless my hairy butt." There is an image of a group of women braiding each others' butt hair. On the right, a zine with the text "Dating Tips for trans and queer weirdos." There is an image of a smiling young person standing in front of a fancy table.

If you’re in the Salem, Oregon area, come visit the archives and see these in person!

April 24, 2017 / Charlie McNabb

Call for Participants: Nonbinary Gender Identity Online

I presented new research at the Western States Folklore Society annual meeting last weekend. I’ve been participating in several nonbinary-focused groups and pages on Facebook for the past year, and realized that there is some really interesting expressive culture going on within these communities. Focusing on one specific support group, I coded a dataset of 100 posts and discovered a high number of positivity posts, as well as emphasis on terminology, “trans enough” (feeling invalid or invisible), and style.

A pie chart showing content themes in a nonbinary support group: Positivity 15%, Terminology 14%, Trans Enough 13%, Sartorial Presentation 11%, Help 11%, Transition 9%, Dysphoria 9%, Humor 5%, Coming Out 5%, Inclusion 3%, Cis Nonsense 3%, Admin 2%.

I’m going to continue visual and textual analysis of these groups and pages, with the plan to turn my paper into an article. I’d also like to interview some nonbinary people to get a more nuanced analysis of individual nonbinary people and their experiences with community-building online. Anybody interested in participating, please email me at mcnabbarchives [at] gmail [dot] com.

April 11, 2017 / Charlie McNabb

New Zine Accessions

The Zine Collection has two new zines: Flappy Hands and Yikes!!!, both by Cody Sullivan.

Two zines, one titled "Flappy Hands" with illustrations of six smiling facing; the other titled "Yikes!!!" with bright glitch art.

Do visit if you’re ever in the Salem, Oregon area!