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August 12, 2012 / Charlie McNabb

Moon Party Zine

The menstrual lore collaborative group interview really produced some fascinating information.  I began the research interested in menarche narratives (the story of a girl’s first period) and thinking about exploring mother-daughter dynamics and family politics.  Although the interview started with menarche stories, it quickly changed directions and we shared about gender and sexual identity, body image, self care, and patriarchal cultural representations of women.  I decided to create a zine using parts of the interview, with the idea that DIY media is cheap and easy to produce, quick to read, and much more accessible than scholarly articles.  I’m sharing it here- please print copies and distribute widely.

To put it together, simply cut “hamburger” style and flip the two pieces so that when you stack them together, the pie chart is on one side and the photographs are on the other.  Then fold and staple in the middle.  The pie chart page should fall in the middle, with the photos becoming the front and  back.

I’d love to collect more stories, so please feel free to email me with yours.  I will likely write a conference paper at some point using this data, and would definitely like to create a second zine.  I’m especially interested in broadening the demographic– so far, informants have been queer, female-identified, under 40, white, and still have their uteri.  I’d love to have stories from straight women, transmen, older women, women of color, and folks who have had hysterectomies.  Even if you think your story is boring, it is important and deserves to be heard!

Here’s the zine: Moon Party Zine


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