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March 5, 2013 / Charlie McNabb

Hack Library School Day in the Life #1

Content note: I recently discovered the Hack Library School blog, which is a fantastic resource for library students and folks interested in pursuing library school.  This week they are doing a project called Library Student Day in the Life to connect LIS graduate students.  Participants are sharing their experiences as library students and emerging LIS professionals through various social media platforms.  I’m a student at San Jose State University and this week  I’m tweeting via @mcnabbarchives and doing two blog posts here.  This is my first post.

Here’s what I’ve been up to today:

  • Working on a Guide on the Side tutorial to help Multnomah County Library patrons locate, search for, and register for classes and events.  This is an assignment for my Information Literacy class, and I’m hoping the final product is good enough that the Library will allow me to disseminate it.  Guide on the Side is an innovative new technology that you can read more about here.
  • Reading about librarian-faculty collaboration for my InfoLit class.  Quote of the day: “…there is no question that in time (and I think in just a few years) [the Internet] will become less volatile, more structured, and as it does there will be ways of determining criteria for the evaluation of sources” (Farber 1999, p. 232-233*).  I had to laugh because this statement is so earnest and hopeful and I fear that the Internet will always be overrun with cat memes and racist commentators that are difficult to wade through.
  • Finishing up a social media evaluation of the Multnomah County Library for my Web 2.0 class.  Basic theme: they are AMAZING with their social media presence. Definitely an organization to pay attention to and imitate if your institution wants to become more visible and engaging.
  • Working on a conference paper for the Northwest Anthropological Association conference later this month. My paper is an ethnographic survey of queer and trans folks’ experiences with menarche and the effects of pop culture representations of menstruation.  Today I spent some time gathering images for my PowerPoint presentation.  Spoiler alert: there will be screenshots from Carrie.
  • Participating in a live chat with the SNAP (Students and New Archives Professionals) Roundtable on Twitter.  I’m still getting my “Twitter legs” but I had fun and hope to be more active on Twitter in general.
  • Drinking tea and hanging out with my cats… because I’m kind of a librarian-wannabe stereotype!

*Actually a very informative article! Full citation: Farber, E. (1999). Faculty-librarian cooperation: A personal retrospective. Reference Services Review 27(3), 229-234.


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