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March 9, 2013 / Charlie McNabb

Hack Library School Day in the Life #2

Content note: I recently discovered the Hack Library School blog, which is a fantastic resource for library students and folks interested in pursuing library school.  This week they are doing a project called Library Student Day in the Life to connect LIS graduate students.  Participants are sharing their experiences as library students and emerging LIS professionals through various social media platforms.  I’m a student at San Jose State University and this week  I’m tweeting via @mcnabbarchives and doing two blog posts here.  This is my second post:

I realize that I’m posting a day late, but I was just too tired after work last night to write!  So, here is a quick description of the rest of my week:

  • I was super sick on Wednesday and Thursday, so I stayed home from work and did all the reading for my Web 2.0 and Information Literacy classes.  This week in Web 2.0 the readings and lecture focused on microblogging: different platforms, what it’s like from the administrative side, and how it can be useful in information organizations.  I’ve been following my library on Twitter and they are doing such a great job connecting with the community.  Their content ranges from “book of the day” and “zine of the week” to information about events and classes.  They occasionally re-tweet when someone mentions them.  This week they re-tweeted a positive comment someone made about my branch!  In my Information Literacy class, this week’s readings and lecture were all about faculty-librarian collaboration.  There are some pretty exciting possibilities for university and K-12 classes, but collaboration can also happen on a smaller scale in the public library.  For example, computer classes at my library are taught by volunteers who have training in instruction, and lesson plans and handouts are created through consultation with methodology and learning styles specialists.
  • I finished a Guide on the Side tutorial in collaboration with my brilliant partner George Duvoisin.  We created a tutorial to help folks learn how to navigate the Multnomah County Library website, locate the events calendar, search for events and classes, and register.  You can check out the tutorial here, though I’m not sure how long San Jose State University will store it on their servers.
  • I got an email from the Northwest Anthropological Conference organizers to let me know that the schedule is available.  I’ll be presenting on Thursday March 28th at 9am in the Crater Lake room general session.  I’m still wrapping up the paper- it’s so difficult to cut material down to fit in a 20 minute time slot.
  • On Friday, I was feeling much improved so I got to go back to work!  I’ve been curating a display on British Isles-related materials to mark St Patrick’s Day and the Spring Equinox.  To my amazement, the Mabinogion was snatched up almost immediately!  Today I added a romance novel and a couple Celtic music CDs.

British Isles display GRH

It was fun participating in the Hack Library School “Library Student Day in the Life” initiative this week.  I’m learning how to use Twitter and it’s nice to feel a sense of community in reading what other library school students are doing.  Are you considering library school?  I urge you to read through the #HLSDITL hashtag on Twitter and find out how we spend our time!


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