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August 5, 2013 / Charlie McNabb

Collection Development Policy

As I’ve slowly been processing the backlog of Steven McNabb Collection documents, I’ve been musing about the future of this archives.  I established it initially to preserve my dad’s ethnographic research collections, but always with the notion that someday I’d open it up for community access and new accessions.  After an exciting conversation with a local folk musician (and fellow archivist!) with potential interest in accessioning his band’s music and visual ephemera, I finally sat down and crafted a collection development policy.  While I’m quite certain that changes will be made over time as the archives evolves, this document articulates the vision and scope of what I hope to accomplish.  I’d also like to take this opportunity to invite social researchers and tradition bearers to consider whether they’d like their material housed here.  Please take a look at the policy to determine if your work fits under the (rather broad) scope of this repository.  And remember- although we’re tiny now, we have ambitions to expand collections and increase access!  Participation through collection donations, financial or supplies donations, or signal boosting will all help McNabb Archives grow and become more accessible to users.

McNabb Archives Collections Policy

My thanks to fellow LIS colleagues Nancy Steinmann and Shaula Stephenson for their input on the first draft.  I welcome questions, ideas, and critique if anyone else has any!


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