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September 13, 2013 / Charlie McNabb

Summer 2013 in the Archives

McNabb Archives has been bustling with activity lately!  I’ve been busy with processing, new accessions, and my final semester of library school.

I spent the last several months researching best practices in photograph digitization.  I took a terrific course in photographic preservation and wrote my term paper on digital surrogating as a secondary preservation practice.  Although digitizing photographs doesn’t preserve them, per se, it does have the benefit of creating use copies that limit handling and allow originals to remain in optimal cold storage.  Having finished the research, I plan to use my new knowledge of best practices to digitize the photographs in the Steven McNabb collection.

While working on the collection policy, I had a series of exciting conversations with a local band I have great respect for.  The Low Tide Drifters formed in 2007 and perform labor-conscious folk music.  They have generously agreed to donate their collection of photographs, recordings, flyers, press, and other ephemera to the McNabb Archives.  This will be the first of hopefully many community accessions!  You can read about them and hear their music here:

In the midst of all this activity, I’ve been plugging away at my final semester of library school.  Besides my final course (Reference!), I’m working on the capstone project known as the e-portfolio.  I’m tasked with assembling the various skills and theory I’ve learned over the past two years into a professional electronic portfolio, highlighting my librarianship competencies.  Dr. Michelle Holschuh Simmons, with lecturer Beth Wrenn-Estes and four SLIS alumni, wrote a four-part article about the e-port that explains the purpose, context, and structure: Using an Electronic Portfolio as a Capstone Project: The Rationale, Logistics and Reflections.

More updates will be forthcoming, with digitized photos and Low Tide Drifters collection news.  My e-port will (hopefully) be complete by mid-December, and I plan to alter it to make it public soon after graduation.  It’s my hope that it will prove a useful tool in my job search.


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