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April 28, 2014 / Charlie McNabb

Celebrating Preservation Week

It’s Preservation Week, a time for libraries, archives, and museums to promote collections care and educate patrons on the importance of preservation as well as provide resources for the public to preserve their own personal collections!

I intend to celebrate by updating my disaster plan (I moved and also added to my collections since I last updated), updating my preservation plan (same), performing my quarterly massive digital backup, continuing to scan my dad’s fieldwork photos, and attending two webinars on preservation.

I urge you to look into preserving your own collections, too- do you have photos in shoeboxes in the garage? A plethora of ancient files on that laptop? A leaky pipe anywhere near irreplaceable belongings? Now is a great time to consider disaster planning and low-cost preservation measures!

Here are some resources:

Quick Preservation Tips

Quick Preservation Tips from features easy ways to get started on preserving your family treasures, including proper labeling, minimizing handling, and getting them out of that humid basement. Be sure to explore the rest of the site, too—the Dear Donia advice column often has very relevant advice about specific items and topics.

Collections Care

The Collections Care portal from Library of Congress has a wealth of information and guidance for caring for different materials, from basic to advanced techniques. You can browse by material and format—ever wondered how to properly care for that old comic book collection?

Preservation Leaflets

These preservation leaflets from Northeast Document Conservation Center are impressively comprehensive. Here you’ll find loads of information on preservation planning, environmental control, emergency management, storage and handling, caring for photographs, reformatting digital files, and conservation strategies.

Have a great week, and let me know what you’ll be doing to celebrate!



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  1. sutematsu / Apr 30 2014 11:02 AM

    I didn’t even know I wanted this post, but holy cow did I. Thank you for all the resources!

    • Caroline "Charlie" McNabb / May 1 2014 7:04 PM

      I am so pleased that you’re excited about the resources! I use them frequently, especially the NEDCC leaflets.

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