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October 11, 2014 / Charlie McNabb

Guiding Students Toward Information Literacy

Did you know that it’s National Information Literacy Awareness Month? I’ve been celebrating by collaborating with colleagues to create research guides that “teach our students to fish” rather than just provide them with materials.

Haverford and its sibling institutions (the Tri-Colleges) have a set of best practices for research guides. Every guide has a tab for search tips that explains Boolean searching and subject headings; and a tab for citations that includes style guides and information about citation managers.

We also include some tailored resources (encyclopedias, books, and journal articles) with explanations on how to find more and the best databases to use for a particular subject or course. Course guides are generally paired with an instruction session where we guide students to effectively search a database.

Haverford is valiantly trying to reach every single student with at least one library instruction session. And it’s clearly working! Just the other day, I observed a student on the public computers execute a perfect Boolean search with effective limiters on a database.

Check out my guides (created collaboratively with my brilliant colleagues) and please feel free to critique if you see something awry!


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