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October 26, 2014 / Charlie McNabb

New Sasquatchiana and LGBTQ Accessions

Yesterday I attended the Locust Moon Comics Festival and picked up a few new items for McNabb Archives!

First, this gorgeous piece of Sasquatchiana, a print by Drew Brockington titled “Yeti Spaghetti.”

A hungry yeti devours a massive plate of spaghetti and meatballs, with lumberjacks and sheep clambering and leaping on the plate.

Yeti Spaghetti by Drew Brockington

Second, I met the talented and hilarious Bill Roundy, who made that comic about dating trans men that made the rounds on the Internet. He was super nice; we talked about the logistics of gay merman sex, and he signed a comic for me. I picked up the famous Orientation Police comic as well as another autobiographical comic and one about gay monster pinups(!).

Three comic-zines: one called Orientation Police with two smooching men being observed by a policeman who is saying "Nope. Doesn't count. Not gay enough."; one called The Amazing Adventures of Bill, with a man saying "Hey Bill, what's new?" and Bill responding "I'm FAMOUS on the Internet!"; and one called Hot Men of the Monster Manual with four gay  monsters ogling a magazine centerfold.

Three rad Bill Roundy comics

I may not have much time for processing right now, but I’m still adding to the collections! Hopefully soon (perhaps winter break) I can get to the backlog.


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