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November 16, 2014 / Charlie McNabb

More New Zine Acquisitions

The zine collection continues to grow. I’ve recently picked up some new menstrual zines as well as several women’s rights-oriented zines and queer perzines!

Six menses and reproductive rights focused zines.

Menses and Women’s Rights

Take Back Your Life” is a great DIY empowerment zine focusing on menstruation and other reproductive health issues including STIs and infections. “The Monthly” is a partially tongue-in-cheek, partially dead serious menstrual screed, with hilarious “bloody advice” as well as some great factual information. “Hot Pantz” is one of the best DIY gynecology pamphlets I’ve ever come across; I’ve had a web version for years and was thrilled to find a hard copy. “Menstrual Cup: a Love Story” is exactly what it sounds like. “Lady Gardens” is a delightful exploration of pubic hair styles. And finally, “Stop Telling Women to Smile” is meant to be handed to street harassers in order to “enlighten those fools.”

Four queer/trans-focused zines.


Homos in Herstory: 1970’s Edition” is a painstakingly-researched brief history of queer people in 1970’s America (including footnotes!). “Neither Dollhouses Nor Treehouses” is a lovely perzine made by a nonbinary person about their identity. “Not Queer as in Radical But Lesbian as in Fuck You” is a mini perzine exploring how the lesbian writer fits under the LGBTQ umbrella. “About My Body” is a perzine of poems, stories, and comics by a transgender woman.

I’m pleased the zine collection is growing and look forward to adding more as I explore Philadelphia’s radical and DIY scenes!


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