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January 26, 2015 / Charlie McNabb

Fieldwork Guide

A few months ago, I started creating a fieldwork guide for my undergraduate anthropology and sociology students who were starting fieldwork before taking a methods course. I posted a request for tips and resources from fellow anthropologists and folklorists, and the response was amazing! Folks offered practical advice about preparation, technology, interview logistics, ethics, and data-processing, and also turned me on to some excellent texts and websites that I wasn’t aware of before.

Thanks to the Publore email list, Team Folklore at University of Oregon, and all my scholarly Facebook friends who gave a friendly hand!

Here’s the guide: Fieldwork Methodology

So far, the guide has been very well received. It’s getting a good amount of hits from students, and the anthropology and sociology faculty are pleased with it. I’m now in the process of planning a workshop component to accompany it, for any students that want some in-person guidance and a forum where folks can discuss methodology and roleplay situations.

Please feel free to use and disseminate as you see fit, and happy fieldworking!


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