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February 14, 2015 / Charlie McNabb

Steven McNabb Collection Processing

Over winter break I had a chance to go through my dad’s materials and finally finished rehousing and labeling. Now everything is in acid-free folders and boxes and properly identified. I found several items that I was not previously aware of, including several boxes of color slides from the 1970s of family photos, showing my parents as newlyweds and with their first baby (my big sister Leslie). What a wonderful discovery! Quite a few slides are duplicates of fieldwork photos, too, which is a good find.

A close-up of an archival box filled with labeled folders.

Properly labeled folders fill this archivist’s heart with joy.

Now the only thing I have left to do is finish the intellectual organization of grouping items into series and subseries, and then write a finding aid and publish it here so that people can access this material. I’m also still chugging along on the photo digitization project. This is especially slow going because I have to identify preservation issues and locate metadata before scanning. I suspect I will have to do this in chunks, when I’m on vacations and holidays from work. I did have some good response to a previous post crowdsourcing for metadata, and plan to try that strategy again.


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