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May 23, 2015 / Charlie McNabb

Goodbye Haverford!

After a fabulous academic year at Haverford College, I’m returning to my family and community in Eugene, Oregon. I’ve learned a lot about collaboration and active learning strategies, and had opportunities to take initiative and start new programming and collections. I’ll miss the students, faculty, and library team, but I’m excited to come home.

A short woman in her 40s and a mid-height woman in her 50s on either side of the author, a tall person in their 30s.

Saying goodbye to my director and boss at my going away party!

As I prepared my transition documentation, I reviewed my stats, and I’m pleasantly surprised by everything I did over the last year:

  • I provided 25 instruction sessions (12 in anthropology, 4 in education, 3 in psychology, 2 in sociology, and 4 in other disciplines). Some of these were in collaboration with other librarians for cross-listed classes.
  • I created 40 research guides (19 for anthropology, 5 for education, 3 for psychology, 8 for sociology, and 5 for specific topics). Some of these were in collaboration with other librarians for cross-listed classes or cross-campus topics.
  • I provided 71 research consultations to individual students, student groups, and faculty members.
  • I took 34 reference desk shifts.
  • I started a boardgame collection and held three game nights, which were very well-attended.
  • I did a lot of professional development (webinars, a conference, scholarly writing, and presentations).

I look forward to taking these experiences with me to my next position!


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