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July 7, 2015 / Charlie McNabb

Menstruation Research Update

After four years on this project, I’m finally launching into the final segment (if I may offer a menstrual metaphor, you could say I’m in the luteal phase)! I’ve done interviews, participant-observation, and scholarly research, and now I’m refining the chapter I wrote last year.

A whiteboard with tasks and dates.

Behold! Here are the tasks I must complete.

It’s always difficult for me to stop the research part and move on to the writing. I love research! I enjoy talking to people and analyzing texts. And what if I learn something amazing after I finish writing? But the truth is, research is never really complete. So I need to get this out there so that other people can see it and take it further.

That said, I am planning on doing a handful of follow-up interviews, and maybe even one or two interviews with new participants. So if you identify as LGBTQ and have experienced a menstrual period and would like to participate (again or for the first time), please contact me (mcnabbarchives at gmail dot com).

But do it soon, before I get lost in this sea of research!

Three stacks of articles and notes, several books, and an archival box on a table.

Can I incorporate it all? Probably not.


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