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January 13, 2016 / Charlie McNabb

Queer and Trans Menarche Lecture

On Monday I had the opportunity to guest lecture for Dr. Carol Silverman‘s Anthropology 315: Gender, Folklore, and Inequality class at University of Oregon. I got to share my research on queer and trans menarche narratives and brought in some primary sources. The class was large and engaged! They had watched some tampon commercials before class and had a great discussion on social meanings and expectations in regards to menstruation, productivity, and anger. They responded well to my research, I think. They asked some good questions that are sparking new inquiry for me. Conversation and questioning is so great for research development. Thanks Dr. Silverman and students!

Besides sharing lots of quotes from interview transcripts, I also briefly discussed how menstruants share information through Internet forums, blogs, and zines. Naturally, I had to bring a few zines to pass around…

A full page zine on pink paper with moon imagery and text.

“The Monthly: A Rad Rag for Rude Bleeders” (2014) by Kayte Moon Sister and Robyn Moon Sister.

A half page zine on orange paper with text and cosmic imagery.

“Menstruation Sensation!” (2010) by Alyssa Beers.

A quarter page zine on white paper with a drawing of a smiling person embracing an oversize menstrual cup.

“Menstrual Cup: A Love Story” (nd) by Adelaide Barton

If any readers are interested in participating in this research, please check out my Menstruation Lore Questionnaire. And if you want to see the Menstrual Lore collection in person, drop me an email at mcnabbarchives [at] gmail [dot] com.


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