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January 25, 2016 / Charlie McNabb

New Bigfoot Collection Accessions

The recent holiday season had two lovely surprises: two Bigfoot toys (thanks to my mother and sister!) and a serendipitous sighting narrative.

A close-up photo of two bigfoot toys, described below.

On the left is the “Magic Grower Yeti” which claims to be “abominably awesome.” The plastic frame is set in a dish of “magic water” that causes white fluff to grow over the body of the yeti, like a chia pet, except it’s a crystalline structure. On the right is a “Bigfoot Call” device which you blow through in order to emit a bigfoot yell. I’m unsure if the goal is to scare bigfoot away or draw it to you. My mother thoughtfully gave me two, so I can keep one safely in its packaging for the archive and use the other. I can report that it sounds like a kazoo and did not lure any bigfoot that I noticed.

On a more serious note, I stopped to get gas in north Eugene and the gas attendant noticed my bigfoot bumper stickers and started making conversation with me. It turned out that he had had two visual bigfoot sightings; one in adolescence with his father and the other just a few years ago with his wife. Both were around the Klamath Falls area. He talked to me for quite a while and I took verbatim notes. Here’s an excerpt: “I think they [bigfoot] hide from us because man doesn’t have a good rapport with nature. We just kill everything. You see in hunting season the deers all hide and we don’t see them as often. They know. Bigfoot is the same way.”

These toys and the sighting narrative are now accessioned into the Bigfoot Collection. Feel free to come by and have a look, and if you’ve had a bigfoot experience yourself, please consider filling out this Bigfoot Sighting Questionnaire.


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