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April 17, 2016 / Charlie McNabb

LGBTQI Health Resource Guide

The GLBTRT Professional Tools page just published my newest resource: an LGBTQI Health Resource Guide.

Medicine has historically been a field that defines and pathologizes LGBTQ and intersex people. From DSM codes labeling trans identities “disorders” to surgeons routinely reconstructing the genitals of intersex babies, those outside the medical establishment’s norm (cisgender, heterosexual, and unambiguously male or female) have been variously victimized, underserved, and stereotyped. Fortunately, many medical and psychological associations have had a profound shift in their perspectives and treatment protocols for LGBTQ and intersex patients.

This resource guide is intended to assist patients, clinicians, and researchers in finding information about LGBTQI-specific health issues, healthcare, associations, and providers. Content includes an annotated bibliography of current texts, a list of professional and medical associations, provider directories, and search tips for finding current clinical and scholarly research in databases.

Please share with LGBTQI folks and librarians, clinicians, and health researchers who work with LGBTQI populations (hint: all of them). Here’s the link again: LGBTQI Health Resource Guide.


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