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June 12, 2016 / Charlie McNabb

New Zines Added to Collection

The Zine Collection continues to grow! I attended the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference this week and had the good fortune to meet trans activist and indy comic creator Sophie LaBelle. I picked up three signed comic zines: Dear Cis People, Gender Euphoria, and The Assignment. Several weeks ago, I also managed to find two zines in Providence bookstore Ada Books: Womanimalistic by Caroline Paquita and a Re*Pro*Duct preview zine by Austin Wilson and Logan Faerber. Images below the cut, and as always, feel free to visit McNabb Archives to see the collection in person!

Three comic zines by Sophie LaBelle. Dear Cis People has a happy little girl rolling on the grass in the sunshine. Gender Euphoria has the same little girl waving a trans flag in front of overlapping comic strip images. The Assignment shows the little girl sitting on the couch with a little boy the same age, eating popcorn and staring to the left of the viewer, presumably at a television.

On the left, Womanimalistic zine with an illustration of a woman from the waist up. She is staring at the viewer with a raunchy expression and simulating cunnilingus with her tongue between two fingers. On the right, Re*Pro*Duct. Title and creators in large text with binary code running across. A robot face peers from behind.


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