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July 20, 2016 / Charlie McNabb

Gender Inclusive Restrooms at Wheaton

Wheaton was a women’s college until 1988, and when men started to be admitted, most buildings didn’t change their restroom signage, opting for gender neutral restrooms with some exceptions. Gender neutral restrooms are not only safe havens for trans and gender nonconforming folks, but they are also very helpful for those busy times when there’s a line at one but not another.

While it’s great to have gender neutral restrooms, signage can be tricky. In my library, the signs showed the standard “female stick figure” next to the standard “male stick figure”. This excludes folks who don’t fit into the gender binary. With the support of my boss, I acquired some lovely new signs that are truly gender inclusive.

Bright blue sign with white text and images. Text reads "All Gender Restroom" and images show a toilet and an accessibility icon. There is braille at the bottom.

And just look at that active wheelchair user symbol!

Thanks to SmartSign for the free restroom signs!

Wondering what restrooms have to do with librarianship? See this brochure about the importance of gender-neutral bathrooms in libraries.


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