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August 27, 2016 / Charlie McNabb

New Steven McNabb Correspondence and Photos Accessioned

Last month, I had the opportunity to see my great aunt Vicki (my dad’s aunt) and she gave me several items to add to the Steven McNabb Collection! New accessions include three letters from childhood (1964-5) and one from adulthood (1994), and two photographs from childhood (1953 and c1958) and one from adulthood (c1994).

The childhood letters are so delightful that I’m sharing two of them here. He was 13 years old when they were written.


Transcript: “Uncle Bob,  There are a few things I could use, and if you want to, you might send me: agar shreds, a small amount of iodine crystals, and any other excess equipment you are not using (Pipettes, etc). If this equipment is not readily available, don’t bother at all.”



Transcript: “Dear Uncle Bob and Aunt Vicki, Thanks so much for the equipment you sent. It’s really great. I needed most of it for a science project for school. Its on bacteriology (with the Agar). By the way, the light meter I made works fine! You can find the density of a chemical very easily.

I have just painted my surfboard. It is white with orange and purple stripes.

Today we went to an Inn (for Valentines Day) for breakfast. We got everything we wanted. It was really nice.

The weather is great here. Much of the time, we can wear shorts. I was going to go to the beach this week-end! What kind of weather are you people having? Is it very snowy?

How did your fertilizer experiments at the college turn out? Very good? I hope so.

What do you do in your spare time? I know Bob likes to ski. What about you, Vicki? We like to swim (surf), skateboard, hike, and I like basketball. Is skateboarding popular in Ohio? By the way, what is your phone number? We would really like to know.

What kind of shows do they have in Ohio? Do you have “The Man from Uncle”? We all like it, although it is a bit way out. Well, bye now.

Regards, Steve

P.S. My science teacher gave me some Gibberelic acid!”

I don’t have any photographs of him when he was this age, but here is one from c1958, when he was around 7.


From left: younger brother Dave, Steve, father Bob, and grandfather Addison.


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