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November 19, 2016 / Charlie McNabb

Euzine Fest Accessions

Last weekend I picked up some new zines from Euzine Fest in Eugene, Oregon, to be added to the Zine Collection.

Nine zines on a table. "We Drew the First 151 Pokemon From Memory" with a Pikachu; "Harassment Friends" with an armadillo, a crow, a weasel, and a rabbit; "Introvert" with an orange sketchbook and pens; "Teen Zine" with a sneering punk's face; "Bending Spoons" with four spoons getting progressively bent; "Spot the Moment" with a real twig tied on with yarn and a picture of a sun; and "The Hedge Witch" with a woman crushing something in a mortar and pestle, with two more zines fanned out beneath it.

Taylor Dow and friends’ adorable “We Drew the First 151 Pokemon From Memory,” Krista Gibbard‘s “Harassment Friends,” Erin Nations‘ “Introvert,” M. Sabine Rear‘s “Teen Zine” as well as her updated “Bending Spoons,” Alexandria Vickery‘s “Spot the Moment,” and Katie Wheeler‘s feminist fairytale trilogy “The Hedge Witch,” “The Swan Stars,” and “The Tiger’s Wife.”

If you’re in the Salem, Oregon area, come visit to see these and many others!


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