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August 10, 2017 / Charlie McNabb

New Zine Accessions

I attended the first annual Oregon City Zine Fest at the Oregon City Public Library and picked up some fantastic new zines for the Zine Collection.

Several zines of different sizes laying on a table.

Several colorful zines laying on a table.

Fix My Head Issue 6: QTPOC Punk Artists and Fix My Head Issue 10: Complexity by Anna Vo, Buried: A Zine about Grief and Digging Out by Nicole Worthington, Women of Color #13: Presidential Crisis by the WOC Zine Collective, The Creativitree by Cassandra and Graham Schmidt, Anyone Can Paint Their Nails Because Gender is Imaginary Everything is Meaningless Love is a Myth Sex is Gross We All Die Alone and Our Stupid Bodies Will Soon Return to the Dust from Whence They Came by Jamie Mortara, Trans Mess by Emma Johnson, Supporting a Survivor of Sexual Assault by UBUNTU and Men Against Rape Culture, Spill: A Zine about Chaos and Fluidity by From the Margins Publishing, Women of Color in Punk Rock by Emilly Prado, 279 by Alecia Gatlin, and Y La Revolucion by Christian Orellana Bauer.

As always, feel free to stop by and see these lovely zines in person if you’re in the Salem, OR area.


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