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The mission of the Steven McNabb Archives of Social Research is to accession, preserve, and make available sociocultural items and collections. The items deposited are added to the permanent collection of the Archives.


McNabb Archives is intended to be a community space with a specific interest in preserving records of the social, historical, and cultural lives of marginalized peoples. Both primary and secondary source materials are collected in order to aid researchers of all kinds to benefit from information that is all too often ignored and made invisible.

In the years to come, McNabb Archives will make collections physically accessible, digitize and make accessible selected collections, and share collections with communities of origin. In addition, the Archives will engage with local communities and encourage community accessions and use of materials.


McNabb Archives is guided by the following values:

  • Stewardship: Sociocultural materials are not owned by individuals but by communities. McNabb Archives seeks to care for these materials in order to better preserve and share them with their communities of origin.
  • Radical Access: Knowledge is power and everybody should have equitable access to it. McNabb Archives wants to not only make materials accessible to all, but also to facilitate understanding and meaningful use.
  • Inclusivity: All are welcome to access McNabb Archives, but special care is made to enable marginalized individuals and communities access. McNabb Archives does not believe in “tolerance” but rather wholehearted welcome, and strives to learn about diverse identities and unlearn the colonialism that is rampant in academia.
  • Collaboration: The best learning and knowledge production is community-based. McNabb Archives welcomes ideas for collaboration and seeks to co-create and nourish community relationships in order to build collections and encourage research.

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